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credible for people to believe what they are reading. Journal of American Folklore, vol. . 2016, ml, Accessed 08 Feb, 2017. Facebook inches timidly forward in fight against fake news. Fake news grew into fame taking advantage of peoples attention seeking skills, meaning if human mind pays attention to a particular topic, more articles pertaining to that topic will be produced. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Works Cited / Sources Blacks law dictionary. Blacks Law Dictionary (1990 fake means to make or construct falsely, something that is not what it purports to be; counterfeit (599). Individuals should make sure that they are not being told what they want to hear. Dress worn by The First Lady is an example how the same information was interpreted in several different ways. Because of the nature of social media, most of what is published goes unmediated.

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Achieving repetition is easy in this so called era of social media with a few button clicks. Huffington Post, 26 Jan. While these headlines sound plausible to many readers because they conform to conventional journalistic style, were published on Web sites that resembled legitimate news organization sites and contained information that many people want to believe, none of these stories was real (Frank 316). Our admission essay service writers produce 100 plagiarism free essays for you How to Win an Essay Contest. Fake News: A Global Problem Internet. In order to become a more insightful, discerning news consumer, it is important to differentiate real and fake news and become more of a critical thinker.